Jon Pratlett

Jon Pratlett has over two decades of experience, coupled with extensive study and on the ground action, supporting leaders and their teams steward their organisations to transform to their desired state.


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Jon at the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon 2000 World Championships - 3.8k Swim, 180k Bike & 42k Run.

Rave Reviews

Pat Handley
Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer. 
"In our many sessions with Westpac, you have been extremely helpful in helping us foster an alignment of objectives with our staff members. We have all learned a great deal from your many sessions with us over the years. Thanks for your help." 

Helen Nugent
Head of Strategy. 

"Jon rendered invaluable assistance in helping strengthen the Strategy Group's team dynamics.  The programme helped reinforce a positive can-do approach by all members of staff." 

Catherine Joice
Head of Treasury, Westpac Trust New Zealand.

"Jon facilitated a change in culture from one wanting to "lay blame" to one where taking personal responsibility was encouraged. Jon helped turned a dysfunctional management team monopolized by very dominant, direct and demanding individuals into a team that could work together to achieve a common set of goals." 

Rob Whitfield
Former Group Treasurer. Head of Institutional Banking

"Jon's energy and enthusiasm permeates groups quickly which significantly helps the effectiveness of delivering the message/material" 

Bill Byrnes
Manager, HR. Group Risk Management
"The Risk Management Team found Jon to be an extremely competent trainer and the learnings gained have been profound. Jon has certainly make a positive impact on our team, particularly in the way in which we communicate with each other and the respect we exhibit when dealing with our internal colleagues."

John Carroll
Head of Project Integration. 
"The program Jon Pratlett developed & delivered for the bank (Westpac) was a great success because it dealt, very practically, with how to create success itself. Jon provided a well articulated, fun and common sense approach to developing people skills, particularly in relation to improving interpersonal communication, problem solving and situation task management." 

Lloyd Cartwright
Head of Trading. WIB New Zealand  

"Jon has an energetic and engaging speaking style that demands attention. He uses a number of delivery methods to ensure that all learning styles are catered for, mixing humour and anecdote well.  Jon’s voice is clear and concise and carries well to all listeners."

Stewart McRobie
Westpac Trust NZ  

"Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the course and meeting with you, and it was of course a bonus that we share a common interest (or should I say passion). I have gained some very useful insights into myself and my style as a manager and know that I must pursue some further development in a couple of areas and your course has also assisted with this. It has also helped us as a team in that the different personalities are now more apparent and this will I hope lead to better listening and outcomes."

Sarah Harvey
HR Manager

"The People Skills Program we ran for Westpac in 1998 fundamentally improved the ability for employees in the Finance areas to inspire others, communicate clearly, work as a team player and appreciate diversity within the workplace. An extremely successful program!" 

Geoff Martin
Manager Funding. Westpac Trust NZ

"I first met Jon Pratlett as facilitator for a course he ran for Westpac Treasury in Sydney in 1997.  Later that year he came over to NZ to run a follow up in Wellington.  Fast forward to 2005 and I met him again running the ‘Leading Achievement’ program for Westpac Institutional Bank. Jon’s natural exuberance is evident in every session he conducts.  An accomplished public speaker he is comfortable in front of an audience and probably more importantly able to get his audience to relax too.  Jon’s delivery is polished and professional without compromising his natural energy and passion." 

Nicola Harrison
BRM Treasury Finance, WIB NZ
"I first attended a course facilitated by Jon Pratlett in 1997 in Sydney, then a follow up course in 1998.  Jon has recently spent some time with our business running a program in Wellington.  I have always found Jon’s style as a trainer and facilitator to be really conducive to learning and retaining the course content.  He is an excellent public speaker and makes courses fun."

John Te Wichel
Head of Global Funding.  

"The benefits of working with Jon are tangible: all team members are more open and communicative; feedback is frequent and appropriate; team members’ opinions are valued and acted on; and there is a heightened level of enthusiasm with all members of the team to set new challenges and exceed them. More importantly, the work we have done with Jon on understanding each others personalities, styles and behaviours had led to a much more friendly, empathic, productive and enjoyable work environment.” 

Mark Preston
Head of Finance.
 CFO University of Sydney
"Jon was very effective in getting my team to understand each others strengths and weaknesses and as a result they worked significantly better as a group and as individuals." 

Brad Milson
Executive Manager, Capital Management
“I have attended team building and development courses from Jon at least 3 times over the last 8 years. His courses bring out simple truths that stick with you and actually change your behaviour (in contrast to the complex analysis that disappears from memory immediately that usually characterises these sort of courses.) Highly recommended." 

David O'Rouke
General Manager Dawson Mine 

"I have worked with Jon Pratlett on a number of projects including, as the MC and Facilitator for the Anglo Coal Australia Leadership Summit and Dawson Mine Leadership Summit. In addition, Jon was able to assist us with people development, as well as providing a range of advice around getting people to perform better and achieve outcomes." 

John Landmark
Transformational Change Manager. Dawson Mine 
”Jon is always an engaging and exciting consultant to work with. I observed him in a number of roles in which he took delight to enthuse individuals and energise them:

  • As a compere he was thorough in his research, infectious in his energy levels and very supportive of speakers.
  • As a teacher of PPG (a program on leadership, teams and systems) he was knowledgeable and patient
  • As a personal coach he showed concern and understanding in helping others to grasp concepts and coax them forward.

It has been a pleasure working with Jon over the last year, and his willing Can-Do attitude is something I will always recall”.

Chris Skilton
Chief Executive Officer. Suncorp Metway.
"I have worked with many facilitators during my career and I have no hesitation in saying that Jon is one of the best. He is well organised and well researched but more importantly he has the mental agility to deal with vastly different group dynamics and challenges posed by the idiosyncrasies of some very strong egos. He also has a very engaging personality. I have valued my sessions with Jon and would recommend him unhesitantly to anyone." 

Mike Parsons
Managing Director GE Capital Finance Australia   

"Jon's trainings were a powerful exercise in personal development at all levels of our organization. Ï was strongly encouraged by the improvement in individual personal management and interpersonal behaviour. There has been more cohesion, harmony and happiness within our team. My job was made much easier and the company results improved as a result. We also had a great deal of fun in the process." 

Fiona de Jong
Director Sports Department. Australian Olympic Committee

"On behalf of the Sport Department and myself we’d like to thank you Jon for the difference you made to our daily life experience at work. Your patience, enthusiasm and fabulous story-telling produced a fun, impactful and beneficial way for us to learn and make changes in the way we operate in our team." 

John Eales 

Director; Former Captain World Champion Wallabies (Rugby Union)

"As an experienced & passionate facilitator Jon is brilliant at challenging people's current thinking regarding their effectiveness. Whether it is an audience of 150, a small group,or a 1 on 1, Jon's passion and experience engage participants in activities that provide the context for them to review their effectiveness through examining their underlying thinking and behaviour. He does this in an energetic, pragmatic and supportive way. Jon challenges individuals (particularly leaders) to re-examine their beliefs and approach to creating the apporpriate culture for achieving success." 

John McDonald
CFO Australian Financial Services

"During 2002, the Finance and Legal Business Unit of AMP contracted Jon Pratlett to carry out a series of self motivational and team building workshops.  Jon is a highly motivated individual who gets his message across very well.  He is very focussed on achievement and is an interesting and extremely energetic individual.  Jon proved to be a perfect facilitator for helping develop people skills." 

David Nead
AMP Corporate Superannuation
"Jon, The reaction from our last LDP (Leadership Development Program was fantastic. Thank you for your support throughout the year. I look forward to our further contact in the future."

Lorraine Farah
Former Manager Organisation Development, Westpac. Currently Leadership Executive Asia Pacific  

"I engaged Jon at IBM and extensively whilst at Westpac and  he been both an inspiration and a learned colleague with whom I have no hesitation in recommending to other organisations embarking on improving people effectiveness. The feedback received by the Westpac Finance Management and the subsequent extension of the program is a testament to the quality and success of the program implemented." 

Kim Barkel
Head of Learning & Development AGC

"Jon served AGC in a cultural change initiative facilitating multiple roll outs of 4 different workshops over 2 years across Australia and New Zealand. The Zapp! Leadership Membership Programs were very strongly received and were still being delivered internally within AGC until it was sold to GE Money and have been adopted by other businesses in the Westpac group. I would have no hesitation in using Jon again where the initiative at hand called for a professional, enthusiastic top tier facilitator."

Susan Blaceman
St John’s College. University of Sydney

"Just thought I’d let you know that the students were very positive about the revving up you led them through. Your ability to involve them is terrific. Thanks."

Alison Butler
Head of Human Resources. CIT Group (Australia) Limited
"In a very short space of time (literally 4 hours!) Jon managed to pull together a group of senior managers by building rapport, challenging ideas and getting us to work toward a common set of goals/values. Jon developed and delivered with energy and enthusiasm a comprehensive workshop with lots of practical tips and ideas to take away with us. Many thanks for an enjoyable session."

Jon Martiensen
Production Manager CSR Refined Sugars Group
"Jon, Thanks once again for a great leadership development course. You’ve done your bit (expertly) now it’s up to ourselves.