Jon Pratlett

Jon Pratlett has over two decades of experience, coupled with extensive study and on the ground action, supporting leaders and their teams steward their organisations to transform to their desired state.

What People Say

"As a consultant to the chief executive officer of an organisation, as somebody who really gets down an understand your issues and is able to design programs that work on those issues to give you the results, Jon's programs are absolutely first class."

Mike Parsons. CEO, GE Capital Finance Australia.

"Jon's work with us highlighted the unique communication strategies and teamwork required for this diversified group. Jon's excellent facilitation challenged us to adopt new methods of addressing and encouraging a healthy team environment."

Dr Darryl Maher. Medical & Research Director. CSL.

“I have worked with many facilitators during my career and I have no hesitation in saying that Jon is one of the best. He is well organised and well researched but more importantly he has the mental agility to deal with vastly different group dynamics and challenges posed by the idiosyncrasies of some very strong egos. He also has a very engaging personality. I have valued my sessions with Jon and would recommend him unhesitantly to anyone.”

Chris Skilton. Former Chief Executive Officer, Suncorp Metway.


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Jon at the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon 2000 World Championships - 3.8k Swim, 180k Bike & 42k Run.

Looking for peak performance as a leader or coach?Struggling to handle the pressure?

Challenged to raise productivity, profile and results?

We can help solve these challenges with you. How?

By integrating scientific, evidence based, tried and tested leadership and team principles to support you, your team and your organisation to be the best it can be in leading, collaborating, following, and innovating in sustainable ways.

We utilise the latest insights from Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Neurobiology, NLP and Systems Leadership to assist you in leaving your pain and frustrations behind to create an engaging, dynamic and constructive culture in its place.

We are now beginning to recognise change as the only true constant, and it is happening at an ever-increasing pace with ever-increasing complexity - a burning platform is hardly necessary to stimulate action when the water below is on fire!

  • According to a recent Gallup study, “More than half of ‘actively disengaged’ employees say their work lives have a negative impact on their health”. 
  • Workplace stress is costing the Australian economy ten’s of billions of dollars annually.
  • 4 out of 5 workers worldwide are not delivering their full potential to help their organisations succeed.
  • Employees don’t leave companies, (businesses or sports clubs) they leave managers (bosses and coaches).

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust.

Traditional ways of looking at leadership and achieving peak performance have to shift to address the challenges of an uncertain, faster paced, 24 x7 global economy, with its increasingly complex health, environmental and sustainability challenges. That shift needs to be informed by the latest science, and not dogma. 

Latest news for Jon Pratlett and Associates. Up unitil recently Jon spent almost a year full-time with the Langley Group as a senior consultant focusing on the application of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology to build positive organisations and leaders and get the best from people. He has now moved to an associate role with access to the vast array of national and global resources that the Langley Group brings to assist him in meeting client needs. 

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