Jon Pratlett

Jon Pratlett has over two decades of experience, coupled with extensive study and on the ground action, supporting leaders and their teams steward their organisations to transform to their desired state.

What People Say

"As a consultant to the chief executive officer of an organisation, as somebody who really gets down an understand your issues and is able to design programs that work on those issues to give you the results, Jon's programs are absolutely first class."

Mike Parsons. CEO, GE Capital Finance Australia.

"Jon's work with us highlighted the unique communication strategies and teamwork required for this diversified group. Jon's excellent facilitation challenged us to adopt new methods of addressing and encouraging a healthy team environment."

Dr Darryl Maher. Medical & Research Director. CSL.

“I have worked with many facilitators during my career and I have no hesitation in saying that Jon is one of the best. He is well organised and well researched but more importantly he has the mental agility to deal with vastly different group dynamics and challenges posed by the idiosyncrasies of some very strong egos. He also has a very engaging personality. I have valued my sessions with Jon and would recommend him unhesitantly to anyone.”

Chris Skilton. Former Chief Executive Officer, Suncorp Metway.



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Jon at the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon 2000 World Championships - 3.8k Swim, 180k Bike & 42k Run.

Training - Bespoke Programs

We offer a range of tailored programs, depending on your particular needs.

  • Neuro Leadership
  • People Skills
  • Coaching for the 21st Century
  • Developing and Maintaining High Performing Teams
  • Developing Constructive Culture
  • Artful Influence and Persuasion
  • Emotional Intelligence


  • Accelerated Learning
  • Whole Brain Learning
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Experiential Learning
  • Generative Learning
  • Simulations
  • Role Plays
  • Case Studies
  • Skit Creation and Performance

Research suggests that practicing by doing and discussion have retention rates of 75% and 50% respectively. And this contrasts with the lecture (5% retention rate) and audio-visual (20% retention rate).

Our style is highly interactive, and engaging. Learning is geared toward personal as well as team development, much of which will transfer over to participants personal lives. Enjoying the learning experience, arousing people’s curiousity and having fun is definitely what we are all about and the feedback from clients attest to this. In fact, we are so confident, we offers a money back guarantee.

Jon and his team are accredited to use a vast number of diagnostic tools & psychological instruments to support your success, such as i4 Neuroleader, DISC, MBTI, LSI, OCI


Executive Coaching

Having a safe space, a sanctuary, to reflect, with another, is critical to the development of a self-aware integrated human being. It is particularly important for leaders.

Where you stumble, there your greatest treasures lie. Joseph Campbell.

We create an environment that appropriately supports and challenges you, the leader, providing opportunities to:

  • Clarify what you are aiming for and bring it to life
  • Gain insight and outsight
  • Understand your own signature strengths
  • Release any feelings of stagnation, frustration, loss of meaning and purpose
  • Become more politically savvy
  • Expand self awareness
  • Better read others
  • Create wiser choices
  • Give you a broader perspective
  • Develop greater resourcefulness and resilience
  • Develop mental distancing
  • Develop more trust, openness and confidence
  • Build new levels of self confidence
  • Gain a feedback loop where you can bring something in, like a decision to be  made, and work it through
  • Acquire greater knowledge from reflecting on personal and professional experience
  • Relate more from the heart
  • Learn to be powerful without power
  • Develop personally earned authority

We provide coaching for both individuals and teams at various levels within an organisation and business owners and their key management personnel. 

With a mix of face to face and phone sessions over a 3, 6 or 12 month period, you will be challenged and supported to achieve your stretch goals.



Jon's abilities to build rapport, clarify and question, listen, acknowledge, and challenge, synthesise, recontextualise and pull together a group in a lively, thought-provoking and entertaining way will provide your team, division or organisation with the environment it needs to move to the next level.

Jon will stir, agitate, tantalise, ruffle, perturbate, engage, enthrol and thoroughly entertain participants and somehow in the process, is able to support you and your team in making the necessary changes required to raise performance, productivity and effectiveness.

Depending on your outcomes, Jon will utilise a variety of media such as Open Space, Appreciate Inquiry, experiential games, skits, debates, hypotheticals, simulations and video to effectively raise awareness, challenge mindsets and assumptions to support you in confronting key issues relevant to your business. Participants are  fully involved and give it their all. 

The skilful debrief is the key to your success in crafting acceptance of new ideas and then action plans to facilitate there achievement. Your attendees will have strong emotional anchors to remind them of their experience and the learning that emerged for a considerable time. Guaranteed.



We can fulfil a number of roles in regard to you experiencing the most successful of conferences.

Keynote Speaker

Clients who book Jon for a keynote speech benefit from a memorable, engaging, energetic experience. Jon delivers practical cutting edge insights, in a highly interactive style, that has been described as masterful.

Engage Jon to speak on:

  • The Neuroscience of Change
  • Leading, with the Brain in Mind
  • Teaming, with the Brain in Mind
  • Learning, with the Brain in Mind
  • Empowering, with the Brain in Mind
  • Delegating, with the Brain in Mind
  • Culture Change, with the Brain in Mind
  • From Man to Hawaii Ironman - Lessons in Goal Achievement

Keynote topics that can also be workshopped include:

  • From Man to Ironman - 7 Strategies to Mind the Gap between Vision and Manifestation. Jon will lead the audience through the emotial highs and lows, costs and benefits and search for meaning in moving from 41 year old Triathlon novice to 46 year old 2 time Hawaii Ironman Triathlon Finisher to illustrate key principles for goal attainment.
  • The Art of Effective Delegation - Doing More With Less. Hampered by re-work, lack of engagement and poor morale? Want to get more from your people, but feel 'If you want something done right you have to do it yourself!' The way in which work is thought through by leaders, delegated, managed and reviewed, or not, has a profound impact on any business; it can create or destroy meaning and purpose in people's work; it sets the tone for the culture of a department and potentially the whole organisation; it will impact engagement, productivity, retention and profit. Jon will demonstrate how you can dramatically improve your ability to delegate for success.

Master of Ceremonies (MCee)

Looking for someone to act as the glue for your next conference or dinner? As a conference MC Jon quickly engages any audience, raises the energy levels and sets the right tone to facilitate outcomes.