Jon Pratlett

Jon Pratlett has over two decades of experience, coupled with extensive study and on the ground action, supporting leaders and their teams steward their organisations to transform to their desired state.


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Jon at the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon 2000 World Championships - 3.8k Swim, 180k Bike & 42k Run.


Leadership Training

Only a few are born to be leaders. Most of us need proper leadership training and information to enhance leadership skills.

I act as a consultant for organizations to help people develop these leadership skills.

The people that have attended my workshop sessions or seminars are taught tried and tested principles. Another part of my module requires the participants to perform a feedback survey. These participants ask their colleagues, peers and their boss to give them written feedback about their perception to these participants’ performance at work and towards others. We hold this feedback with strict confidentiality and present it at the second module.

We then redirect the participants to what they should know and understand about the whole system of their organization and how the organization views them. These are metaphorically the gloves.

How should one wear the metaphorical gloves? Is it like a tight fist that threats, bullies, and intimidates people? Or, should one have an open palm that is supportive yet strong when necessary, and assertive? The latter is highly preferable but as leader if you are wearing a tight fist glove, you are not expected to change through an overnight process. The bottom line is: I offer a whole module simply to coach and inspire. We do not expect instant manifestation of responsible leadership and team work. I work with people to give them the skills and tools through the leadership training to make these changes gradually.


The Art of Selling is a Practice of People Skills

During my years as a real estate agent and auctioneer I found that most people think that selling is a dirty word, but the art itself can effectively teach people to build excellent people skills. The art of selling is more than just about the best ways of how a sales person can push a product. It is actually more centered on how a salesperson can figure out what his or her client needs. If the one doing the sales talk can realize exactly what is it that the client needs, then he or she can tailor the talk to respond to these needs that the client has. Once this area has been addressed, then the likelihood of the salesperson convincing the client to buy is greatly increased. When looking at products, most people already know what they want. They are also aware of the problems they hope to address with the product they would purchase. The challenge for them, however, is in buying the product that can deal with their concerns in the best manner possible. This is where the salesperson gets his or her job done. It is the salesperson’s responsibility to educate the customer on what he or she needs and how the product the salesperson is selling can deal with it. The salesperson has a better chance of being able to push the product if he or she is able to educate the customer adequately. Educating a client takes people skills. In the art of selling, people skills take on three aspects: 1) the ability to listen to what a client is really saying about what he or she wants; 2) the capacity to empathize with the client and respond to this want; and 3) the honesty to be able to deliver the information that the client really needs to hear. There are some things that customers do not wish to face regarding their particular concern, but the salesperson has to be a little tough in pushing it. Otherwise, he or she would not be able to get any selling done. The art of selling involves people skills, and employing the right people skills can educate a client more concerning his or her needs. If a client is properly educated, then the salesperson has a good chance of getting his or her selling done.

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