Insight/Reminder 1
Sunday, May 26, 2013 at 5:39PM
Jon Pratlett

High performers consistently take personal responsibility for their actions (staying above the dotted horizontal line on the right).

How have you responded recently when someone challenged or criticises your work or actions?

An average or poor performer will attempt to justify their actions, blame someone else, deny it was their fault, or somehow avoid being confronted. I call this "below the line" Victim behaviour.

A high performer will inquire as to what they might do  to improve their performance.

So, notice your immediate reaction, to be "above" or "below the line", pause, and then choose your response rather than being automatically defensive. High performers make, admit and correct their mistakes quickly, and stop themselves going "below the line".

Neuroscience research findings suggest this doesn't take willpower but rather won't power in inhibiting the automatic tendency to defend ourselves, as the brain is wired to minimise danger and maximise reward (see blog below for more details and Dr Evian Gordon's Brain 1:2:4 Model).

Have a great week and practice your "won't power".

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